A Little Bit About Us

Meet Steve:

Before making his move to Costa Rica,  Steve managed and ran his fathers plumbing and heating company in New Jersey with the help of his younger brother. He has always had the need for adventure and also that feeling of adrenaline. In the past he has competed in motocross for a number of years, a long with 7 years of MMA, and really enjoys wake boarding as well.  Now living in Costa Rica with his beautiful family, his love for surfing as well his way with guests, are truly amazing. Making sure his guests that visit are happy and enjoying their vacation is what he strives for, if you are here in search of waves that best suit your level of surfing, Steve, with the help of his local guides, do their best of finding that for everyone, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner,  intermediate surfer or even advanced, one thing for sure is Steve's passion for surfing and seeing everyone enjoying themselves is what makes the experience unforgettable.

Meet Irina:

With that true Costa Rican beauty and amazing personality, Irina is the Tica that really makes the trip enjoyable for everyone. She is originally from San Jose, Costa Rica. There she lived with her family while pursuing her career in dentistry, Irina took a temporary job practicing a few hours away from home, near the beach. While being able to do what she really enjoys most, Irina was really drawn to the whole beach lifestyle. As fate would have it, she met and fell head over heals for Steve, the decision was made to stay and lay down their roots by the coast.  She still practices dentistry for charity events and when the office needs reinforcements, but most of Irina's time is spent working side by side with Steve, providing amazing trips for all that come to stay, as well as taking care of their beautiful baby boy, Alek.

Our Mission:

The goal for all guests is making your vacation as worry free as possible. SÍ Costa does most of the thinking for you while you are enjoying your stay in Playa Negra.  Together Steve and Irina's talents make your trip one you will remember for the rest of your life! Knowing the area and the people, you will get a first hand experience of what Costa Rica is really all about, and really understand the meaning of 'Pura Vida'.

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