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Shaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura Vida

Turn Your Dream Vacation into a Reality

You are looking to book a vacation in Costa Rica, but now what? By saving time and money planning your trip with SÍ Costa, you can see how easy is it to get spoiled while enjoying your vacation, especially one full of activities.

During the duration of your stay, your hosts Steve and Irina will be working together to schedule and arrange everything for you, so you all have an absolute epic experience while visiting Costa Rica. Our mission is to show every guest the best this amazing place in paradise has to offer. Just let us know your wants and likes, and we will take care of the rest!  

With meals included, the beach steps away and so many activities to choose from, what else is there to do other than enjoy?

What Package is Best for You?

Maybe the better question is, how to you want to enjoy your vacation? Over 80% of our guests return and they will always say, "It is never the same vacation!" With so many amenity options, activities and adventures, you can customize your vacation any way you want, with anyone you want. From solo travelers to large groups, romantic couples and last minute enthusiasts, we got you covered. Contact us today and let us know how you want to enjoy paradise.

Shaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura Vida

Celebrity Package

Create memories that will last a lifetime. Costa Rica really does have so much to offer to provide a great time on your vacation. Can't choose what you want? Then do it all! When traveling it is always nice to have great connections and information about the area you are visiting. Just let us know what you (and any others in your group) are interested in, and with our expertise of the local area, we can provide the best recommendations when planning activities and tours. No matter what  there is something here for everyone.

Groups and Retreats

Family Retreats, College Reunions, Yoga Group Retreats, Kids Surf Camp to name a few. If you have a larger group you are getting together, look no further than SÍ Costa. Let us know how you are looking to spend your time and we will take care of the rest!

Beach Seekers

Your trip does not have to be just for surfers. Costa Rica has a coast line like no other. Its translation means Rich Coast and for good reason, no two beaches are alike! There are very few locations in the world where you have a Playa Blanca (White Beach) just a few miles away from Playa Negra (Black Beach), both perfectly named. At Playa Blanca you will find a reef under the clear warm water everyone enjoys so much. Feel free to pack your snorkel gear and explore underwater as much as you would like.  What also makes this beach incredible is at the low tide you have a number or beautiful tide pools to hang out and relax in.  Your host will know the tides each day, so if your plan is to go and hang out for a few hours and just be a beach bum, your hosts are more than happy to pack a cooler with fresh fruits and other refreshments of your choice. Playa Negra, is known for its world class waves and also having such beauty.  Many of our guests love to explore all the different coastlines and what nature has in store to show us. From whales and dolphins in the water to turtles hatching the beach, we have so many little hidden gems to share!

Surfers Package

As one of the premier global surfing destinations, this is the place to be if you're craving some serious wave action! Our knowledgeable local guides and surf instructors are not just experts in surfing, but also in the area itself, ensuring they can match you with the perfect spot according to your skill level. With a multitude of breaks in the vicinity, there's something for every surfer, regardless of experience. And if you're a die-hard surfer who can't get enough, worry not - we've got you covered! Safety is paramount, but so is having a blast, and your host will be there every step of the way, cheering you on as you ride the waves. Whether you're seeking to boost your confidence or just looking for a few tips, Steve, your host, and even some local friends in the water are eager to share their wisdom. Steve always eagerly anticipates these "board meetings" whenever possible.

The Solo Traveler

Sometimes you just need to get away. There is no minimum or maximum here at Sí Costa,  we have so many options for you, let us know how you would like to experience your vacation. Located only a short distance from many local hotspots, if you are looking to meet new friends or if you want to keep it solo, any and all options are available.

All of our Guests will Experience...

A Customized Vacation

The best part about being a celebrity is just waving a magic wand and everything is done for you. From airport pickup, to where you will be staying, to your meals and activities and all sunsets in between, SÍ Costa takes care of it all. Our goal is for you to relax and truly experience Pura Vida or the 'Pure Life'. Enjoying the little things with the ones you love while we take care of the details...doesn't that sound like a dream vacation?

We offer so many options on how you can spend your day, the hardest decision our guests have to make is what are they going to enjoy while they are here. From massages, to surf lessons, to zip lining, to horseback riding on the beach and so much more, you'll understand why more than 75% of our guests are returning clients. Come enjoy this special place in paradise and let us show you the true meaning of Pura Vida.

Chef Prepared Meals

Allow us to bring the culture to you... SÍ Costa is here to handle any and all food needs you may have. Fresh fruits, veggies, and fish will all be delivered fresh to the house and prepared each day by Maria, our chef. Each meal is always delicious and filling and also healthy at the same time.

Every day Steve will let everyone know what is on the menu just to be sure everyone will enjoy it.  We also provide any additional food shopping for you and your group if you need extra items from the grocery store. We will let you know ahead of time if there are any additional fees for any items that may not be included.

Local Expertise

One thing for sure is that we have great connections all over the area, which help to provide everyone with the most memorable and amazing experience ever. The tours we offer are insane! Everything from ATV rides, Zip lining, waterfall hikes, boat rides, private yoga lessons and massages set up at the house. If surfing is on your list while you are here, we are just steps away from world class beaches. Lessons can all be scheduled or for the more experienced surfers, our local wave guides provide transportation to and from surf spots .

Ask and You Shall Receive

  • Secured, gated homes with beach access.
  • All houses have modern features including high-speed Wifi, A/C in bedrooms.
  • Healthy meals prepared by our chef, who specializes in the classic dishes.
  • Grocery Shopping (set up at the house before arrival)
  • Transportation to and from the airport (Liberia and Tamarindo).
  • An Activity per day and unlimited experiences to choose from.
Shaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura VidaShaka, the hand symbol of Pura Vida

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